IMPORTANT UPDATE (QLD): What you can do now to prepare for a return to business

Following the release by the Federal and Queensland Governments of Roadmaps to easing lock down restrictions, additional guidelines and templates have been released to assist businesses plan to manage risks and protect their workers and customers as they prepare to reopen or continue operating.

All Queensland businesses will need to put in place a plan to respond to COVID-19 and any directives issued by Queensland Health. In addition, some businesses must ensure they complete and sign a COVID Safe Industry Checklist. Your plan and checklist should be kept on display as evidence that your business is a COVID Safe business and for inspection by Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Officers, if required. To date, checklists have been published by the Queensland Government for businesses providing dining-in for customers such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels, and beauty therapy services. 

Safe Work Australia has also released COVID-19 information for workplaces including a series of industry guides.

To help you to prepare your business to reopen or to continue to operate safely, below are links to relevant websites and documents:

  • To download a COVID Safe planning tool template click here
  • For Safe Work Australia COVID-19 resources click here
  • To download Workplace Health and Safety Queensland’s Guide to keeping your workplace safe, clean and healthy click here
  • To download the Queensland Government’s COVID Safe Checklist for businesses providing dining-in for customers such as restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels click here and for businesses providing beauty therapy services click here

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Paul Burke

Paul Burke

Paul is a Business Finance and Growth Coach for motivated small and medium (SME) business owners who are ready to find their freedom. A 30 year veteran accountant and fellow of CPA Australia, Paul has a Diploma of Management, trained as a Gazelles International Certified Coach, is a successful business owner, family man, committed community volunteer and freedom finder. Paul knows how to sustain and grow a business that supports lifestyle goals. He understands why you started your business. What you hope to achieve. What you’re struggling with. He’s a font of accounting, finance and business growth wisdom who’ll support you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals in business, and life.

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