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Achieve Business Dynamics services are practical, real world and easy to implement. Knowledge and tools to help you improve, sustain and grow your small or medium (SME) business. Achieve, no matter what stage you’re at or what your goals are.

Financial know how

Understand your numbers, your financial statements. Interpret and use them to inform smart decision making so your SME business is sustainable and perfectly positioned for growth.

Financial Awareness Coaching

No control over cashflow? The better you understand and interpret your numbers, the easier it is to make more money, improve cashflow and grow your business. Bi-monthly meetings and ongoing support will give you a strong foundation of key accounting concepts, enabling you to review financial results and produce customised monthly reports. Through your new-found skills, you’ll understand how much profit you’re making, and how you can make more.

Financial Forecasting

Cash is king. When it comes to business, no truer statement was spoken. Poor cashflow is the number one reason businesses fail. This won’t be you. You know that cashflow planning, monitoring and control is vital to success. You’re motivated, committed and you’ll get a cashflow expert to help you make it happen. We’ll collaborate to create a tailored financial forecast that’ll be loaded directly into your accounting system. With set financial goals that you monitor and manage, you’ll no longer feel like you don’t have control over your cashflow. Financial performance will improve, and you’ll achieve mind freedom – the peace of mind that comes with being able to effectively manage your numbers.

Cashflow Management Coaching

You don’t have a forecast in place and you’re not sure what’s causing poor cashflow issues. Together, we’ll figure it out. With annual goals, a 90 day action plan for improvement and easy to use strategies, you’ll look ahead with confidence. Predict and plan for cash outflows, identify ways to avoid late payment penalties, ensure proper funding, boost cashflow, increase profit, enhance business value and long term viability.

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Improvement Coaching

Setting and tracking KPIs in the too busy basket? Working together, it’ll be easier to fit in than you thought. You’ll learn how to set, measure and improve 3-5 critical KPIs that align to your key business drivers and business plan, making a powerful difference to your operations. By investing a little time each week you’ll streamline processes, communicate clear performance expectations and manage your team more effectively. Drive increased profit, cashflow and ultimately, business value.

business know how

Use practical, tangible techniques and tools to improve, develop and grow your business. Boost profitability, create long term value, wear less hats, live more life.

Business Planning

Ever heard the saying “failing to plan is planning to fail”? You’re working hard and not seeing the payoff. Sacrificing time for yourself, family and friends. In a state of constant interruption, unable to focus on strategic priorities. It’s time to start planning. Over a day (or two half days) we’ll uncover the heart and soul of your business. Your vision and core values. Past performance and future direction. No more procrastination. You’ll walk out of the session with a concise one page business plan, a clear 90 day action plan to address immediate critical issues and solid, realistic goals with actionable strategies for achieving them. Any time is a good time to complete a business plan, but it’s particularly crucial if you’re just starting out.

Business Coaching

Working IN the business instead of ON it? Feeling alone and unsupported you’re wearing all the hats. Doing everything. The weight of the business is entirely on your shoulders. Little time for much else. When you started you knew you’d be working hard to set up for success. To reach your goals and ultimately, achieve freedom to live life on your terms. You’re not there yet and not sure why. Business coaching will help. Regular, dedicated time with a proactive business and finance savvy third party who isn’t bogged down in your day to day operations. Who can see the wood from the trees. Revisit your business plan. Get advice on burning issues. Support to identify roadblocks. A sounding board to help you identify opportunities. To guide you through improvement. Someone to keep you accountable, focused on priorities and aligned to your business plan. To empower you to become more profitable, effectively manage your cashflow and perform well against your forecast. Your business CAN support the lifestyle you imagined from the start.

Organisational Review

should be spent sleeping, right? It’s time to let go. Lean on your team and systems more. Letting go can be hard, but don’t worry. You’ll be supported every step of the way. Through a full day planning session (or two half days) using a proven process, effective templates and follow up review, you’ll build a comprehensive organisation chart. Departments, functions, roles and responsibilities. Empower your team with clearly defined roles and agreed outcomes. They’ll know what they need to achieve to have a great day at work. You’ll have a business structure that’s functional, sustainable, scalable and ultimately, saleable. Finally able to focus on high value revenue generating activities, you’ll find time to sleep. Or, do anything else you imagined your business would give you the freedom to do.

The Life Organiser

Getting your important information, wishes and documentation recorded and stored so it’s easily managed and available in the one place, can seem like such an onerous task. Bet it’s still sitting on your never ending list of to do’s. The Life Organiser makes it easy to get done. A cost-effective central register covering a raft of personal, financial, property, insurance and business matters; recorded and securely stored. You’ll have peace of mind knowing everything is easily accessible to you, nominated business associates and family members, whenever it’s needed.

Shared Values Development

Your team aren’t always on the same page. The words consistent and aligned don’t immediately come to mind when you think of how they contribute to, and support, your business. A shared values session can turn this around. By coming together to prioritise and refine shared values, you’ll put effective decision making filters in place. This will support an aligned and cohesive team culture driven by behaviours that support your vision; an experience that will keep your customers coming back; and realisation of your business goals.

Value Based Selling

Wish there was a way to increase sales and profit margins without working harder? Using an effective system and clear process based on proven sales and marketing principles, you and your team will be able to confidently articulate value, charge what your product or service is worth, reduce negative pricing conversations, increase conversion rates, grow revenue, improve customer relationships, increase  referrals and positive testimonials.

Succession Planning

You’re working hard to grow your business. Selling, transferring ownership, stepping back or the possibility of an unexpected life event leaving you unable to run things, isn’t on your mind. But succession planning isn’t an event, it’s a process. Lack of planning causes unnecessary stress. It can compromise your sale price, customer relationships and business reputation. Working with an impartial sounding board to discuss ‘what ifs’, you’ll prioritise key goals and milestones, align business partners / family members and clarify your succession process. If or when the time comes, you’ll maximise the return on your hard work and capital investment whilst ensuring the expectations of all parties are successfully met.

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