valued based selling

many business owners are very good at what they do but have never had formal training in marketing and sales

In a world of rapid change, tighter margins and greater competition it is essential that business owners dedicate time and energy to better sales and marketing processes to improve productivity, efficiency and profit. 

Our Values Based Selling service is designed help you to significantly improve your marketing and sales.  We provide valuable advice and an effective system based on proven principles.  We’ll have an initial meeting to review your current selling systems and discuss concepts and techniques to aid improvement, including:

  • The difference between cost and value (how to articulate value to prospective customers)
  • Great sales techniques to help significantly increase your conversion rate
  • The 9 Step Proposal Writing Process and defining your Terms of Trade
  • How to deal with changes in the scope of agreed work
  • Your next steps to implement Value Based Selling

We’ll then provide monthly coaching until you’re comfortable and confident with articulating and selling value using your revised systems and processes.

Call us today if you’d like our help to increase your sales and profit margins without having to work harder.

There are many reasons why Value Based Selling will benefit your business:

  • Increased efficiency and confidence in your marketing and sales processes
  • Increased margin on the products and services you sell
  • Clear service options and payment terms to suit your customers
  • Improved proposal conversion rates
  • Improved customer relationships, referrals and testimonials
  • Clarity and increased team satisfaction with a clear process to follow

Value Based Selling enables you to give fee certainty, confidently handle changes in work scope and eliminate fee surprises for you and your customers - reducing those uncomfortable and negative pricing conversations. 

Most importantly it encourages a return for you that is proportionate to the value you’re adding to your customers, thus freeing up time for you to concentrate on other revenue generating activities.

Call or contact us today if you’d like to save yourself valuable time writing proposals, increase your sales conversion rate and gain a more sustainable, scalable and ultimately saleable business.