Government Disaster Assistance Grants For Farmers, Small Business and Non-Profit Organisations Announced

Update: Small Business & Non-Profit Organisation application form links have been added.

The Federal and Queensland Governments have announced that eligible primary producers, small businesses and non-profit organisations affected by Tropical Cyclone Debbie in the Whitsunday Region will now be able to access grants of up to $25,000 to assist with their clean-up and recovery efforts.

Primary Producer Announcement

Details of the announcement relating to primary producers can be found here:

Primary Producer Application Process

Eligible primary producers can apply for a grant here:

Small Business & Non-Profit Organisations Announcement

Details of the announcement relating to small businesses and non-profit organisations can be found here:

Small Business Application Process

Eligible small businesses can apply for a grant here

Non-Profit Organisations Application Process

Eligible non-profit organisations can apply for a grant here:


QRAA will have customer service staff available on Freecall 1800 623 946 on Easter Monday, 17 April 2017 to assist with applications.

Achieve Business Dynamics

Achieve Business Dynamics

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