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You are a highly motivated high achiever with a big vision.

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You play to win rather than play not to lose. Your business is quite likely to be very successful in the long term. You fully understand that there are many opportunities for future growth in your thriving business and you have a lot of potential to further boost your profitability.

A priority is to review your existing business and life goals to create a blueprint that facilitates sustainable business growth and personal happiness. When a successful business and a well written business plan are combined, an entrepreneur can build true wealth, free time and happiness.

Your score indicates that you are ambitious, capable and savvy. You can identify opportunities when they arise in business and in life. As a business owner, you will be able to invest more time on your business than working in your business, as long as you implement the right strategies. As a real action taker, you are ready to make rewarding plans for your future😊.

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