How a Life Organiser can Save the Day

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It’s four o’clock in the morning and your smoke alarm goes off! You fly out of bed to fix it because it is a false alarm and you don’t want it to wake the kids. As you get closer to the lounge room you can smell smoke and all of a sudden you feel a wave of panic take over. You yell to your partner to “get the kids and get out of the house. There’s a fire!”. You try in desperation to contain it but it becomes increasingly obvious that you are racing against the clock and you just need to get everyone out of the house as quickly as possible, including your beloved pets. As you stand safely on the street with your family, your pets and the neighbours that are starting to emerge, you watch in disbelief that this has happened to you … because we all think ‘this will never happen to me’.


They say the hardest part of losing your house (or business) isn’t actually losing the physical structure at all. The hardest part is losing all of the pieces of paper that were inside. Your photos that contain loving memories, your treasured letters and awards and all of the other pieces of paper that have the power to rebuild. Things like your insurance documents, your birth certificates, your marriage certificates, your investment information and god forbid – wills.


In these times of turmoil, it is important to have easy access to these important pieces of paper if you want to start the rebuilding process or to move forward as quickly as possible. Your stress levels will naturally be at an all time high, however, with a Life Organiser your stress can be reduced slightly by simply knowing that your affairs are in order and that you can access these pieces of paper in the event of a disaster, disability or death.


Your Life Organiser is a structured central register for you to complete. It covers a raft of personal, financial, property, insurance and business matters that require documenting and storing securely.


Some of the items that we recommend that you include in your Life Organiser Register are:

  • Insurance papers for your house and contents, cars and other valuable items
  • Life insurance documents
  • Home mortgage documents or Deeds
  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Passports or visa details
  • Investment stocks and bonds documentation
  • Medicare, pension cards, immunisation records
  • Bank account and credit card details
  • A computer file containing scanned photos, business records and other important files
  • A list of important phone numbers

Another benefit of having a Life Organiser is that it gives you a good reason to review your situation regularly and ensure that you are adequately covered. It also enables you to accurately account for the cost of these items in your household or business cashflow projections too.

So, if you realise that nothing is guaranteed in this world and that awful situations do in fact happen to awesome families, then take action today towards saving the day tomorrow. Contact us and we’ll guide you through the process. Don’t your family deserve some peace of mind when they close their eyes tonight?

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Achieve Business Dynamics
Achieve Business Dynamics
Achieve Business Dynamics
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